Saffron+Poe Bhujodi Blanket

We’ve been looking forward to introducing our Bhujodi Blanket for a while now and we’re so happy the day has come.

 These pastoral motif blankets boast the most intricate textural details, made using traditional Indian weaving techniques by local artisans of Bhujodi. We were drawn to find out more about this traditional weavers’ village after learning that most of its inhabitants are involved in textile crafts. It’s a community that goes back hundreds of years where a handloom is found in almost every home. Weaving is embedded in the culture of the village, an attribute made distinct to us upon learning for instance that the various styles of embroidery created in Bhujodi reflect which tribe wove the piece. In short, we have been amazed, enchanted and wooed by this magical place (which we have yet to visit!) and are humbled and thrilled to be able to carry some of its spirit in our collection.

We absolutely love learning about artisan communities such as this, and when we began Saffron + Poe in 2016, we made it our mission to be students of our creative global partners and to always do our best to uplift their respective techniques in their artistry and craftsmanship. 

So without further ado, we bring you the Bhujodi Blanket, expertly crafted with 100% hand-spun wool and natural dyes on old-world, wooden handlooms. Pleasing to the eye, this stunning textile is just the right weight, calming and grounding the senses. Makes for the perfect statement piece, bringing a worldly element to your space, and is ideal for use as an accent blanket on a king or queen, or even as a throw on a sofa or lounge chair. These blankets are a wonderful addition to our online and brick & mortar shop, and we urge you to take a look!

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