Leather Strap Safari Lounge

We’ve been working with our partners at Denpasar Furniture Workshop in Bali since the beginning, and they help us achieve all our design dreams with that classic leather and teak look we adore. We’re grateful to them for being so exceptional to work with, for bringing their unmatched skill to our ideas and for being a team we can look up to. Founded by two brothers in 2010, the workshop uses traditional methods and locally sourced materials, and for each teak tree harvested the workshop plants another to preserve the forests.

Our latest project with them has finally come to completion! We say latest, but in fact the designing process has taken about four years with multiple prototypes and iterations along the way, so it’s been a long time coming and it’s extra satisfying to release it!

The Leather Strap Safari Lounge Chair is a sleek, contemporary piece with a roomy frame and our signature woven leather strapping, a nod to the classic safari chair but with a Saffron + Poe twist. Comfort meets style in every detail, from the natural matte teak frame, woven leather strap seat and stretched leather back in our beige colorway to the leather armrests affixed with oversized antique copper nailheads.

 If you’re anything like us, kicking back in this lounge chair will evoke visions of vast desert landscapes and pure blue skies, and styled in your home it will subtly allude to a traveled elegance. From the living room to the study to the spacious main bedroom, this versatile piece complements nearly any aesthetic.

Because of the variation between natural materials and leather, each piece is unique and one of a kind. The supple semi vegetable-tanned leather has a softly worn waxed finish that deepens into a distinctive patina. We’re in love with these chairs and they hold a special place in our hearts––and we think you’ll know what we mean! Stop by the shop to say hi and take a look or find the Safari Lounge chair in the shop tab and help us welcome this beautiful new piece to the family!

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