A Few Of Our Favorite Things | January 2021

2021 is finally here and we’re so happy to start the year fresh. We’ve gathered a few inspiring links for you; from things to stay cozy at home to a tried and tested outdoor adventure, we hope you enjoy our favorite things. 

Jenni Kayne Moc Clog

The Jenni Kayne Moc Clogs are our absolute cozy home favorites, but that’s not all they’re good for. They are the most comfortable house shoe your happy feet will ever experience and yet you can still wear them out of the house! Suede with shearling lining, these mocs mold perfectly to your feet and keep your toes feeling all warm and fuzzy wherever you go. The quintessential California winter shoe to wear on frosty mornings and crisp-aired nights, and every hour in between.


David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet

In this beautiful Netflix special, David Attenborough reflects upon his 60 year career as a naturalist, tracing the changes he has witnessed in his lifetime. A must-see for its honesty, its powerful message of hope, all through the lens of Attenborough’s global, wizened perspective. It’s not always an easy watch, but you’ll be glad you saw it. Trust us.


Sol Food

Okay, who’s in Marin? And who else is totally enamored with this Puerto Rican eatery? We’re big fans. You simply can’t go wrong with literally anything on the menu, especially if you order a side of tostones. If you’re tired of making focaccia and sourdough, look up the Sol Food menu and do yourself a favor: order in. 


Tennessee Valley Hike

Spending time outdoors has been such a blessing. If a lush green sojourn through a fragrant valley sloping down to meet the beach sounds like your cup of tea, we think you might like The Tennessee Valley Hike. It’s our favorite! If you’re in the Bay Area, check it out, but remember there are no dogs allowed (although you might catch sight of some wildlife!) and if you align your timing with the low tide, you’ll even be able to see the engine of the SS Tennessee shipwreck! 


S+P Item: Natural Linen + Oak Sofa

We launched our first sofa collection last week and we can’t pretend we’re not super thrilled about it! We have a crush on the linen + oak one in particular. There is something that is always so gratifying about thinking of something, designing it and then finally being able to touch that thing with your own hands. We never tire of that feeling. Stop by to take a look if possible, but otherwise you can shop our sofas online! 

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