Styled Black and Natural Tenganan Basket on a wood console. - Saffron + Poe
Detailed view of our Black and Natural Tenganan Basket on a white and black rug. Handwoven using Ata reed.- Saffron and Poe

Black + Natural Tenganan Basket

Handcrafted in bali by

The Tenganan Weavers


Intricate and artfully woven, the Black and Natural Tenganan Baskets are a stunning accent piece for any room. These baskets are as versatile as they are beautiful. They're the perfect catch all for storing mail and accessories on a table or console and can also be propped up on a shelf as art to display its intricate patterning. 

This basket is handwoven in the village of Tenganan, Bali using natural Ata reed. The fast-growing Ata reed has to be separated into small, thin strands. Then skilled artisans intricately weave the strands into baskets, working on one basket for up to a month. Once fully woven, the baskets are boiled and left in the sun to dry for a week. Finally, to strengthen the weave, condition the fibers, and leave a natural finish, baskets are smoked over coconut shell clippings. A true dedication to craft to make these gorgeous baskets.


Material: Woven Ata reed 

Dimensions: 12" Dia. x 2" H 


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