The Tenganan Weavers - Bali, Indonesia

In the Tenganan Village, the Ata plant flourishes and 500 townspeople form a months-long, by-hand assembly line to craft the village’s signature baskets. Gede, along with his father and brother-in-law, keeps things going along the way: first, the fast-growing Ata reed has to be separated into small, thin strands. Then skilled artisans intricately weave the strands into baskets, working on one basket for up to a month. Once fully woven, the baskets are boiled and left in the sun to dry for a week. Finally, to strengthen the weave, condition the fibers, and leave a natural finish, baskets are smoked over coconut shell clippings. It literally takes a village to craft these beautiful stacking baskets — and every Tenganan contribution shows.