How to Create the Perfect Curated Shelfie

As designers, the main rule we follow when styling shelves is remembering to find balance and to take time and enjoy the process! While you’re styling make sure you take a step back to have a look and rearrange if necessary to create symmetry. Don’t get too attached to the exact placement and feel free to mix things up or even take a break and come back to it the next day! Here are some tips to help create the perfect shelfie:


  1. Start with your books! Arrange books evenly on the shelves alternating between horizontal and vertical stacks. We like to create each stack using books with colors that go well together, arranging them from largest to smallest. Pro Tip: we suggest removing book jackets to reveal the beautiful, clean covers underneath.   
  1. Add in your "anchors”. Place your larger items such as artwork or other statement pieces. For this step, we like to lean art pieces and wall baskets against the back to create depth. 
  1. Add height. Incorporate items with varied height to add dimension and layers. We love stacking our Hand-Beaded Bali Baskets to add both height and texture. It’s nice to create visual “triangles” by placing a taller piece between two short stacks, or vice versa.  
  1. End with your delicate details and personal treasures. Add the smaller accessories and family photos to complete the look of your shelves and make it your own. The Tasseled Bali Beads, Hammered Copper and Teak Bowls and La Botica Candles are a great finishing touch! 

We hope this helps you to create beautifully styled shelves that bring you joy and happiness everyday you look at them! 


Johanna + Fiona 

Photography by Robert Vente

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