Hello From Saffron + Poe

Family, Friends, Designers + Clients! 

Thank you so much for following along with us on this wild journey that is Saffron + Poe. With your support, a lot of hard work + a little bit of luck, we have had a more fruitful pilot sourcing trip than we ever could have imagined! After almost a month here in Bali, Indonesia, we have fallen in love with this magical culture and all of its traditions. Three times a day offerings of flowers, incense and some kind of gift (bread, rice, ritz crackers, even Mentos + cigarettes) are placed in a small banana leaf basket outside of every shop, and sprinkled with holy water. The purpose of this ritual is to show gratitude to the Gods, and help maintain a harmonious relationship between human + Spirit. This sense of seeking harmony is ultimately what drives Balinese life and has truly changed the way we think, reminding us to slow down and give thanks. 

Bali is also famous for its intricate craftsmanship, and multitude of skilled artisans. Each village is renowned for its own unique craft and we have been lucky enough to visit many of them, finding traditional Indonesian designs that translate easily into the modern home. We have been able to meet most of the local artisans who crafted the pieces featured on our site. It has been such an honor touring their workrooms, seeing them at their craft + sometimes even meeting their families. We are so happy to finally invite you to take a look at our online shop, and let us know what you would like us to bring back!

Please remember that until our business enters the next phase and we have inventory on hand, orders will be grouped together and shipped on a container from Indonesia to San Francisco. The process of fabrication, packaging + shipping will take approximately 12 weeks. Once your new Saffron + Poe pieces arrive safely to the SF port, we will let you know immediately and coordinate home delivery. Thank you for your patience as we navigate the crazy world of international imports + customs! 

Thank you all again, and happy shopping!

XO - Fiona + Jo

Tegalalong Rice Terraces || Ubud, Bali || May 2016

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