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Five Ways You Can Use our Bali Beaded Baskets

We love the Hand-beaded Bali Baskets for their versatility. Great for organization and storage, they look great wherever they are and they pull a space together easily.
Here are some ways you can artfully incorporate beaded baskets into your home:
1. Things you need on the go.
We like to stash keys, masks and hand sanitizer in ours so that we keep all our essentials together in one easy place.
2. Storing photos and keepsakes.
Place a basket on your shelf next to your albums and use it to hold the photos that haven’t been organized yet. That way they’re easily accessible to pull from the shelf and look through while still maintaining the integrity of your display.
3. Jewelry.
These baskets are perfect for keeping jewelry and small items safe.
4. Stationery.
A mid-sized basket is just the right size to keep all your greeting cards organized and accessible for any last-minute occasion. 
5. Knitting and other craft supplies.
With cozy months just around the corner, try keeping your knitting supplies in a basket so it’s all perfectly put away whenever you’re ready to pick up that project again. 
Now we want to see! Tag us at @saffronandpoe on Instagram so we can see how you styled your baskets!

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