Brehm Brothers

Located just down the road from our warehouse in Half Moon Bay, CA are the Brehm Brothers; the skilled woodworkers behind our California Collection. This duo, native to the CA Coast, bring their incredible craftsmanship and design focused perfectionism to all their work. 

Brendan and Casey Brehm design and build a wide range of woodworking projects from built in cabinetry, to furniture, and other custom millwork pieces. Beautifully aesthetic design solutions, with respect for materials and processes is the driving inspiration behind the Brehm Brother’s work. After working with them for one of our interior design projects, we knew we had to design our own collection with them. Inspired by beautiful coastal California and the laid back design aesthetic that we love, the California Collection was born. Each piece of timber that goes into the collection is hand selected by the brothers, and expertly matched, down to tone and wood grain pattern. The care and time they put into each piece is overwhelmingly evident the second you lay eyes on these gorgeous pieces. 

Nature lovers just like we are, the brothers can be found surfing, skating, making music and enjoying our beautiful coastline when taking a break from the workshop. We’re lucky enough to have the Brehm Brothers not just business partners, but as friends within our community. 

Check out their collection if you’re craving a little taste of California in your home.