Styled Woven Tenganan Waste basket with a Multi-Stripe Linen Hand Towel. - Saffron and Poe
Top view of Woven Tenganan Waste Basket against a white wall. - Saffron and Poe
Styled Woven Tenganan Waste Basket next to a Vintage Elmwood Console. - Saffron and Poe

Woven Tenganan Waste Basket

Handcrafted on Lombok Island, Indonesia



The Woven Tenganan waste basket is a stylish and functional piece perfect for adding a travelled vibe to your office, powder room, or bedroom. With a classic tapered shape, take care of your waste with a chic piece that adds texture and natural tones to your space. Think this gorgeous basket is too pretty for trash? It can also be used for organizing and storage!

Each Tenganan basket tray is handwoven in the village of Tenganan, Bali using natural Ata reed. The fast-growing Ata reed has to be separated into small, thin strands. Then skilled artisans intricately weave the strands into baskets and woven homewares, working on one basket for up to a month. Once fully woven, the weavings are boiled and left in the sun to dry for a week. Finally, to strengthen the weave, condition the fibers, and leave a natural finish, they are smoked over coconut shell clippings. A true dedication to craft to make these woven objects.



Material: Woven Ata reed

Dimensions: 11-½" H x 11" Dia


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