Saffron + Poe is an artisan home goods shop and boutique design studio in Mill Valley, CA with a mission to uplift maker communities around the world. 
Founded by two wanderlust-stricken interior designers, Saffron + Poe curates and designs ethical handcrafted homewares  — including furniture, rugs, and textiles — from artisans in every corner of the globe. 
Everything in our collection is ethically and sustainably made by hand using traditional techniques, which means every item is uniquely its own. From how it’s crafted to the people whose hands made it and the soul of the culture it was born to, each piece has a story and directly supports the people and communities behind it.


The name “Saffron + Poe” is inspired by the origins of international trade, a time people sailed around the world in pursuit of exotic spices and fine fabrics. It reflects two of the most coveted luxuries that civilizations have traveled to acquire over the ages: Saffron is widely cherished for its culinary offerings but its rich golden hue is also prized as a dye for textiles. Poe is Burmese for silk, and a nod to one of the most memorable stops on our maiden sourcing journey —  Myanmar (Burma), where the creative energy was palpable and we saw our business coming to fruition. 


Fiona Bronte Burr

Principal & Co-Founder

Johanna Vente Anderson

Principal & Co-Founder

Rose Teplitz

Project Manager/Interior Designer

Amanda Brandon

Customer Experience & Community Director

Nina Jackson

Director of Operations & Logistics

Linda Lieu

Sales & Merchandising Associate/Design Assistant

Tutik Suryawati

Bali Business Operations Partner