Styled petite rectangle stool on white shelf with hand beaded bali baskets, petrified wood bookends, tasseled bali beads, copper and teak bowl, ceramic canister, and Aleksandra Zee piece. - Saffron and Poe
Front view of petite rectangle stool with white background on white shelf. - Saffron and Poe
Two petite rectangle stools on white shelf with white background. - Saffron and Poe

Petite Antique Stool

Handcrafted China 


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This petite antique rectangular elmwood stool was originally designed to be used as a small seat while working outside. We love them for decorative purposes to display as collected objects for shelf styling or as stands for small potted plants. Small but still mighty, they are also sturdy enough to be used as the most stylish little step stool in your kitchen or bathroom! 

This stool was crafted in China over 100 years ago from elmwood using traditional mortise and tenon joinery. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and slight variations between pieces can be expected.


Material: Vintage Elmwood

Dimensions: Approx. 10" L x 4" W (top seat) x 5" W (base) x 7" H


Shipping Time: 

Approx. 1-2 weeks


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