Uzumati Ceramic Desert in Bloom Candle
Close up view of Uzumati Desert In Bloom Candle with Coastal Woods and Bali Moon Candles on a Serving Tray - Saffron and Poe

Uzumati Ceramic Desert in Bloom Candle

Handcrafted in California 


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This Uzumati x Saffron + Poe candle scent evokes a relaxing desert retreat. Warm and floral, this candle features notes of sunkissed cactus blooms and incense. 

The modern rustic stoneware vessel is artfully glaze-dipped with exposed raw stoneware. The vessel features a white glaze top and rust glaze base with a stripe of unglazed stoneware in the center. The vessel can later be repurposed as a tumbler or to hold tea lights!

Uzumati Ceramics is a one-woman-run business that offers handcrafted stoneware inspired by rugged landscapes and storied travels. Every small-batch collection that leaves the Uzumati studio is hand thrown, hand carved, and hand glazed. Beautiful and durable, these one-of-a-kind goods are designed to be used every day.  

Because each piece is hand thrown, slight variations between pieces can be expected.


Material: High-fire Ceramic Stoneware, Natural Coconut Wax, Premium Essential Oils, Raw Cotton + Paper Wick

Approx. 50 Hours of burn time

Dimensions: 4" H x 3.5" Dia (12 oz.)


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