Bryce Dallas Howard x Claire Thomas

We collaborated with directors Bryce Dallas Howard and Claire Thomas to design a capsule collection of director’s chairs -- made for maximum comfort, storage, and style. These chairs are just as stylish on set as they are outdoors or inside the home.

The capsule collection includes 50 artisanal chairs with profits going toward FREE THE WORK, a non-profit organization committed to making equity actionable in media and to creating opportunities for a global workforce of underrepresented creators behind the lens in TV, film, and marketing.

“As a director and teacher who works with emerging artists, I’ve seen how access – in terms of visibility, opportunity, and connections – is the greatest hurdle for artists today. Luckily, organizations like FREE THE WORK are actually moving the needle forward when it comes to lowering those barriers for directors and creators. Its initiatives are the actionable solutions that our entertainment industry desperately needs right now.” - Bryce Dallas Howard

Celebrate FREE THE WORK today with a #FreeTheWork Director’s Chair!