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Spring Refresh With Shira Gill

We caught up with our friend Shira Gill – a home-organizing maven, newly minted book author, and thoughtful minimalist – to talk spring cleaning, styling a small space, and refreshing the home with the changing of the seasons.
A few of Shira's refresh essentials, featuring our Casablanca La Boticá candle, Live Beautiful, Minimalista, and Tasseled Wooden Bali Beads - all available in the shop (linked below)! Shot by Vivian Johnson Photography. 
What is your best advice to those hoping to tackle a deep spring clean?
Spring cleaning your entire house can feel like a daunting task, but there are plenty of little things you can do that will make a BIG difference. Try cleaning a single surface like your nightstand, dresser, or dining room table. Spruce your entryway by relocating the bulky winter coats and seasonal accessories. Ditch any expired products that are cluttering up your bathroom or medicine cabinet. Relocate items that have lost their way. Take fifteen minutes to dust or vacuum the most offensive corners or crevices of your home (we all have them!). Add something lovely to your space like a houseplant, freshly clipped flowers from the garden, or a scented candle. A little effort will go a long way in making your space feel more cared for and comfortable.
To avoid future clutter, any tips on how to purchase mindfully and intentionally?
Take some time to decide what your shopping criteria is before you buy, and do your research. Maybe you want to only invest in items that are ethically and sustainably made? Perhaps you only want to support small, locally owned shops instead of big box stores? Maybe you just want to invest in very well-made, high quality items that will stand the test of time? Make sure to clarify how you want to shop before you take your wallet out. (It may help to jot this down.) Shopping with a budget and a specific list never hurts either! 
Name a few of your Saffron + Poe favorites when reorganizing and refreshing your space. 
I'm a huge fan of all the little accessories that help make a home feel thoughtfully curated - We use the Lombok Basket Tray to corral our remotes and coffee table books in the living room, the Hand-beaded Bali Baskets are a fave for stowing jewelry and keepsakes on the dresser, and I'm obsessed with the Handwoven Bhujodi Pillows which are an easy way to refresh any space without reinventing the wheel or starting from scratch. I also love occasionally splurging on intentional, functional pieces like the Woven Counter Stools or Leather Strap Bench to help bring new energy into a space. 
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