Mark your calendars and Meet The Maker
In anticipation of our collaboration with Lina Gordievsky, we thought there was no better time to sit down and get to know the incredible artist behind the captivating landscape pastel paintings.
How did you get started? Tell us about your beginnings in this industry.
My creative journey stemmed from a very young age. A lot of my earliest memories were solidified in the environment I grew up in—Ukraine. It’s where I first discovered the bliss of the natural world, playing in my moms fruit garden and visiting the waterfall at the end of our street. Throughout my early teens I took on various portrature commissions. However, in time I found myself limited to my subject’s parameters, bound to a specific outcome, and the joy of it fizzled out. I decided to try other art mediums to spark the inspiration up again. In my early twenties I took a break for a few years as I wasn’t sure where I was headed in my creative journey. It was in 2018 that I met my husband Dmitry, who inspired me to take my art practice seriously and supported me throughout this endeavor.
“At some point, the discomfort of not doing it becomes greater than the discomfort of doing it.” -Steven Pressfield, The War of Art
What or who inspires your art? Anyone in particular who inspires your approach? Any specific techniques?
My favorite form of inspiration comes from the land itself. The natural world is ever-changing, ever-evolving. There’s something different to notice each time you take it in. I’ve painted places I’ve been to and places I’ve never been to— there’s a certain quality to the art when you fuse into it what you felt on location. It’s using the five senses to encapsulate the energy and then translating it into art form. 
I also enjoy learning from the old masters; one of my favorites is Renoir. Using broken brushstrokes to capture light and movement is something I strive to incorporate in my art.
Give us details on your day-to-day as an artist! What does a day full of creating look like for you?
It’s a different theme each day and that’s part of the thrill (or stress!) for me. Some days I’m painting from sun up to sun down, other days I’m packing prints and processing orders. Some days I’m browsing antique stores and being inspired by old framing methods, other days I’m stuck in the trenches of admin work. The boring responsibilities make the creating part worth it!
Any go-to tips for sparking inspiration when creativity isn’t flowing?
This is a good one. It helps tremendously to shut down the screens and get outside where there’s natural stimulation. Thoughts and inspiration feel trapped within four walls but they can reorganize themselves out in the open air. Taking breaks, even for as long as a few months, has helped me greatly. Sometimes the mundane moments and just living and enjoying life help put things into focus.
If you had to choose one piece that was your favorite from our collaboration, which would it be?
This is always a tricky question! It’s almost like being asked which of your kids is your favorite. I think there is something unique to each of the paintings. There’s a different feeling fused into each one, and to me it all depends on what you’d like to feel or be reminded of upon viewing the artwork.
You just bought a new home! Which Saffron + Poe piece could you see yourself styling in your new space?
I always gravitate to the piece I have the most personal connection to. This would be ‘Evening by the Sea.’ It’s inspired by McWay Falls off of the Big Sur coast. We were fortunate enough to enjoy two sunsets here and it was an unforgettable experience. Something so ethereal about a waterfall flowing into the sea, we’ve never seen this phenomenon before. I still remember the scent of the eucalyptus leaves crushing under our feet, the warm breeze, the vibrant peach tones filling the sky… It’s an experience I re-live each time I look at the painting!
Lastly, we are so HONORED to be working with you! What connected you to our designs and our mission?
It’s an honor to feel likewise! I appreciate that everything at Saffron + Poe is ethically sourced and that your focus is collecting unique, handcrafted goods. They come with a rich background story, whether collected from overseas or locally-sourced vintage in your area. I think incorporating my artwork into your offering is an echo off of your mission.
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