The Rug Weavers Collective - Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Located in the mid Atlas mountains above Marrakech, there’s a cooperative of tribespeople inside the Zayan tribe that weave sheep’s wool into one-of-a-kind rugs. Our partner Hamid Kersit established his collective after seeing that, though many of the people in his community had the expert skills needed to craft the rugs his region is known for, most of them lacked the ability to find buyers. Their region is quite poverty stricken, so he formed a cooperative to bring economic opportunity to his tribe. Hamid says, “I am very proud that we have joined our efforts and accumulated knowledge as an ambitious and dreaming workforce to make known the rich heritage, tradition, history and art of Moroccan berber tribal rugs.” What we love most about Hamid’s weaving collective is that there are no orders or patterns. Each weaver is her own creative director, crafting patterns that reflect her mood, style, or inspiration of the moment. We see their creativity and empowerment reflected in every unique rug.